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Penstock sluice gates are mainly used as shutoff valves for rainwater drains, wastewater and water treatment channels, irrigation channels, power stations, dams, etc.  Penstocks are also used to control water levels to ponds and reservoirs.

The basic design consists of a steel or ductile iron frame, a sliding metal or HDPE gate, a sealing system sliding inside the frame, a stem, and an actuation system. Standard models are manufactured in ductile iron or steel or stainless steel, providing a high corrosion resistance suitable for a wide range of applications.

Laminar wall penstocks can be used as shut off and control penstocks. Square or rectangular in a compact design. Resilient seated with four-side sealing, constructed of stainless steel, for wall mounting.

Laminar offers penstocks wall-mounted design that can be fitted into walls (to close circular, square, or rectangular ports) or channels design (with a frame enclosed in concrete). 

Our service includes on-site survey, design, manufacture, delivery, installation and commissioning of a comprehensive range of penstocks, headstock, stop logs for water and wastewater applications.







Raw Water | Wastewater


Wastewater applications | Dams | Water treatment plants | Storm water retention basins | Flood protection


  • Compact design for wall mounting by anchors
  • Can be used in intermediate positions as a control valve
  • Sliding system between gate and frame
  • Corrosive resistant, parts dip pickled and passivated
  • Rotatable stem nut
  • Integrated and contained a profiled seal
  • Seal between valve and wall mounted to the valve and ready for operation
  • Rising/Non-rising stem
  • Sealing system:

  • Four side sealing

    • Tightness: max. 1% (on seating pressure) and max. 5% (off seating pressure) of leakage rate

    • Square opening for wall mounting with anchors

  • Various mode of operations: hand wheel, gear box, electrical actuator or pneumatic cylinder


Penstocks control the water flow in various applications, from mill sites to dams and power stations. Using a penstock gate is critical in managing water’s speed, volume, and flow direction while maintaining safety against flooding and other potential disasters.

Penstock sluice gates provide precision control over the water flow, allowing operators to adjust the levels as needed. With a penstock gate, operators can ensure that the right amount of water will reach its destination and help to minimise any potential damage caused by flooding or other hazards.

Penstock valves are typically made of ductile iron (DI) or stainless steel for their superior corrosion resistance, making them ideal for various demanding applications.

These valves feature laminar walls and are designed to be mounted on walls or channels with frames enclosed in concrete. A sliding gate allows operators to precisely control the amount of water that is allowed to pass through the valve, allowing operators to adjust levels as needed.

The four-side seal ensures tightness levels up to 5%, while the rotatable stem nut allows for smooth operation.

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