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Piston type lift check valve

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The piston lift type check valve is a check valve made typically of ductile iron or carbon steel, designed to prevent backflow in piping systems. Operating with a piston lift mechanism, it permits flow in one direction while closing automatically when the pressure drops, averting reverse flow. The piston or the trim is usually made of stainless steel.

Available in sizes from 0.5 to 20 inches, this valve is widely used in industries for dependable service and shielding equipment from abrupt pressure changes. When fluid flows as intended, the piston lifts from the seat, allowing unrestricted flow. In the opposite flow, the piston descends onto the seat, preventing system damage.

The piston lift type check valve can manage high-pressure drops in both directions. Its closed position has a low-pressure drop, ensuring a tight seal and preventing leakage. This valve provides reliable service and safeguards systems from abrupt pressure changes or water hammering.

Laminar offers lift non-return valves with a globe valve-like seat design. They automatically operate based on pipeline pressure changes. Flow in lift check valves remains below the seat. The piston disc lifts from the seat upon flow entry, while decreased inlet pressure or increased outlet pressure leads it to close. When the flow stops or reverses, both reverse flow and gravity force the piston onto the seat.

Lift check valves suit high-pressure applications requiring high flow velocity. Their precisely guided disc fits the seat accurately. Typically used in horizontal lines, they can also be installed vertically. These valves are versatile, ensuring secure and efficient fluid flow control.



10, 16, 25, 40




Water | Steam | Chemical | Oil


Water treatment plants | Power plants | Cooling systems | Heating systems | Thermal oil


  • Tight shutoff
  • The body and cover are made from high-quality casting with different material choices
  • The body, seat & disc are precisely machined for high performance of the valve
  • Bolted cover design


A lift check valve uses a disc to create a seal against the valve seat to prevent reverse flow in the line. In contrast, a piston check valve utilises a piston to do the same.

Lift check valves are better suited for high-pressure systems because they handle higher flow velocities. Conversely, piston check valves are more suitable for lower-pressure applications and typically have a larger size range. Both valves will close in the reverse direction and cause a pressure drop when activated.

A piston lift check valve is a specialised type of check valve designed to provide the highest level of performance in systems where pressure and flow velocity are both critical factors.

The piston lift design ensures that the valve provides a tight shutoff and features a body and cover constructed from high-quality castings and precisely machined components for superior performance. This combination of engineering and manufacturing excellence makes the piston lift check valve ideal for industrial applications.

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