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Flanged Butterfly Valves

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Flanged butterfly valves are versatile and essential for water treatment and various industrial settings. These valves integrate a stainless steel butterfly valve body, a flange-type connection for piping systems, and a pneumatic actuator, ensuring smooth operation. The durable butterfly discs, crafted from materials like Ductile iron or stainless steel, possess an edge design that optimizes flow control.

Characterized by a sturdy design and low maintenance needs, these valves excel in long-term use within water treatment plants. Their anti-static device eliminates static electricity buildup during operation, enhancing safety by preventing accidents and equipment damage.
Furthermore, available in diverse sizes and flange types, these valves can adapt to various water treatment applications.

Flanged butterfly valves offer an economical solution for precise and durable water flow control in industrial contexts. The valve body and flange connection guarantee a secure seal. At the same time, the pneumatic actuator and disc edge enable accurate flow control. Their capability to manage higher pressures than other valve types solidifies their status as an excellent choice for many water treatment scenarios.

At Laminar, we specialize in supplying and servicing an extensive range of industrial valves, including flanged butterfly valves. Our offerings feature high-performance discs ensuring reliable and efficient flow control with minimal pressure drop. With various sizes and materials available, we provide tailored solutions to meet your specific operational conditions.

Benefit from our skilled technicians who can diagnose and conduct valve repairs for major brands, types, and sizes of valves and actuators. Our customer field service response is prompt, and our technical support is available for planned activities and emergencies. Count on Laminar for all your valve-related requirements.



6, 10, 16, 25, 40




Drinking water | Raw water| Cooling water | River water | Service water | Ballast water | Seawater | Aggressive types of water | Wastewater (in some cases / pre-treated)


– Water transmission pipeline – Water distribution network – Water treatment – Pre-treated wastewater – Dams – Power plants – Industrial application – Pressure management – Shipbuilding – Seawater intakes – Maritime systems


  • Eccentric, double offset, triple eccentric & concentric disk options available.
  • Resilient-seated in accordance with EN593 and metal seated option.
  • Face-to-face length according to EN 558, or AWWA C-504 for short body type.
  • Epoxy coating internally and externally, Halar coating, and other coating options can be offered according to application conditions.
  • Flanges and bolt pattern conform to EN1092-2/1.
  • Is it possible to replace the sealing ring without disassembling the disk.
  • Tight shut-off in both flow directions according to EN 12266, leak rate A.
  • Body material can be Ductile Iron of welded steel or stainless steel.
  • Disk of Ductile Iron, steel, aluminium or stainless steel.
  • It can be rubber-lined (vulcanized) for seawater and polluted media applications.
  • A unique vulcanized lining body and profiled sealing design improve the performance to a very high level and protect the valve from corrosion.
  • With self-locking, fully enclosed, maintenance-free worm gear including mechanical position indicator.
  • Bevel gearbox available on request.


The flanged butterfly valve is crucial in various industries, particularly water treatment systems. Made from durable materials such as stainless steel or carbon steel, this type of valve offers reliable performance and longevity.One of the key features of the flanged butterfly valve is its ability to regulate fluid flow smoothly. This feature is achieved through a disc-shaped closure mechanism that rotates within the valve body. The disc is connected to a pneumatic actuator, allowing precise control over the valve’s opening and closing.The flanged design of this valve ensures easy installation and secure connection to pipelines or equipment. Flange dimensions are standardized, making integration into existing systems convenient without any modifications.The flanged butterfly valve also boasts excellent sealing capabilities due to its well-designed Valve Seat. Its design ensures minimal leakage and prevents any unwanted fluid loss or contamination.Another advantage of using a flanged butterfly valve is its high torque capacity. It can handle substantial pressure differentials while maintaining smooth operation and reliable performance.In conclusion, the flanged butterfly valve is essential in various industries where fluid control is critical. Its robust construction, efficient sealing properties, and ease of installation make it an ideal choice for applications requiring precise flow regulation and long-term reliability.


Flanged butterfly valves are essential to any industrial setting due to their secure seal, precise flow control, and reliable performance. They are used in various applications including water treatment plants, power plants, and shipbuilding.By handling higher pressures than other types of valves, these flanged butterfly valves provide a cost-effective solution for controlling the flow direction in many different settings.The pneumatic actuator provides smooth operation, allowing for precise adjustments when needed. In contrast, the disc edge allows for optimal flow control.


A wafer-type butterfly valve is designed to fit between two flanges, with no additional bolts or nuts required for installation. This makes it a cost-effective option that is easy to install and remove. It is typically used in applications where space is limited or weight considerations are important.

On the other hand, a flange-type butterfly valve has bolt holes around its perimeter, allowing it to be directly mounted between two flanges using bolts and nuts. This design provides a more secure and rigid connection, making it suitable for high-pressure or high-temperature applications.The choice between these types depends on operating conditions, system requirements, and budget constraints. Both wafer and flange-type butterfly valves offer various sizes and materials to accommodate various industries and applications.In conclusion, while both types of butterfly valves serve the same purpose of regulating flow, their design and installation methods differ. Understanding these differences will help you choose the right valve for your needs.

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