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Segmented Ball Valves

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Segmented Ball Control Valves are quarter-turn ball valves with a v-port design that provide control in severe service applications or in high flow capacity that require non-clogging flow control and precise control, which makes it ideal for throttling applications where viscous fluids, gases, slurry, solids or fibrous suspensions may exist.

This ball control valve has good range, modulation, and shutoff capability with its integral body design, v-port ball, and metal or soft sealing. We offer a versatile Segmented Ball Valve designed for modulating or on/off operation in a wide variety of industries, including power plants, chemicals, oil & gas, and mining.



Class 150-600 / PN16-PN40


DN25 (1”) – DN300 (12”)


Water | Sewage | Oil | Gas | Synthetics


Water and sewage treatment plants | Power plants | Seawater desalination plants | Industrial plants | Petrochemical industry


  • One-piece body design which offers greater efficiency against pipe surges and eliminates several potential leak paths
  • Provides control of your flow path as well as on/off capabilities similar to the conventional ball valve
  • The v-notch contouring in the ball design helps to minimize cavitation, turbulence and erosion of the valve and pipe components.
  • Available in flanged and butt-weld ends
  • Available with metal seat and soft seat


Segmented ball valves offer a range of advantages that make them a popular choice in various industries. These valves are designed with valve bodies that feature inflatable seals, allowing for superior sealing performance and preventing leakage.

One of the critical advantages of segmented ball valves is their ability to provide precise control over flow rates. The V-notch ball design allows for accurate modulation, making them ideal for applications requiring precise flow control.

Additionally, segmented ball valves are known for their durability and reliability. The valve housing is typically made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel or cast iron, ensuring long-lasting performance even in harsh operating conditions.

Another advantage of segmented ball valves is their versatility in valve designs. They can be customised to meet specific requirements, such as higher pressure ratings or unique materials for corrosive environments.

Furthermore, these valves offer ease of maintenance and repair. The segmented ball design can replace individual segments without replacing the entire valve assembly.

The main difference between a standard ball valve and a segmented ball valve is in the design. A standard ball valve utilises one solid piece of metal for its construction. In contrast, a segmented ball valve consists of several pieces that are combined to form a whole. The result is a more durable and reliable valve with superior sealing performance.

Segmented ball valves also offer greater range ability and modulating and shutoff capabilities than standard ball valves due to their v-port design. This allows for accurate control of flow rates and minimises cavitation, turbulence, and erosion of the components due to the v-notch contouring in the ball. Segmented ball valves can be customised to meet specific requirements, such as higher pressure ratings or special materials for corrosive environments.


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