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Air Release Valve for Water Line

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Air release valves are crucial in efficiently managing water lines, mitigating pressure surges and negative pressure caused by flow rate fluctuations. By opening and closing their orifice, these valves relieve internal pressure, preventing water hammers that could damage pipes and components.

Installing air release valves in water lines is essential for efficient operation.

Designing an air release valve for a water line system requires consideration of several factors. The orifice size must match the water column’s flow rate to avoid excessive air release leading to cavitation or valve malfunction. The valve type should be chosen based on the system’s specific requirements, with vacuum valves for high-pressure systems and float valves for low-pressure systems.

Proper installation of air valves is critical for ensuring proper operation and safety throughout the water line’s lifetime.

Laminar leads in providing top-notch water air valves for fluid systems, optimising efficiency with laminar flow in a wide range of water applications. Durable and engineered for precise flow control, Laminar’s water air valves excel in challenging operating conditions.

From commercial HVAC systems to water treatment plants and industrial processes, Laminar offers tailored solutions driven by innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. Our automatic air valves efficiently handle air release and admission in water pipelines, preventing hydraulic issues and ensuring operational efficiency.



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Transmission pipeline | Distribution network | Water treatment plants | Seawater desalination plants | Dams | Industrial plants


  • Sealing system: resilient seated
  • Single-chamber & double-chamber air valves in a compact design
  • Double orifice type with a large orifice for automatic ventilation of the pipeline and a smaller orifice for automatic release of air pockets during operation under pressure
  • Triple-function Air Valve:
    • Large orifice to admit air during emptying of the pipeline
    • Large orifice to release air while filling the pipeline
    • Small orifice to release air during normal working conditions
  • Corrosion-proof due to stainless steel inner parts and float can be plastic or stainless steel.
  • High discharge capacity up to sonic velocity due to stabilized floater
  • Safe and reliable operation even at high air-release velocities
  • All operating components are made of specially selected, corrosion-resistant materials.
  • Can be mounted with isolating valve like a lug-type butterfly valve with a hand lever, gate valve or ball valve
  • Minimum operation pressure: 0.3 bar


An air release valve is a crucial component in any water pipeline, ensuring the successful operation of the entire system. Regulating and maintaining water pressure prevents sudden changes that could lead to hazardous hydraulic issues. Moreover, the valve efficiently releases air under pressure from the line, promoting operational efficiency and safety throughout its lifespan.

Selecting a precise and durable air release valve is paramount due to its significance. Laminar provides top-notch water air valves engineered for laminar flow and optimised performance. With corrosion-proof designs and a commitment to customer satisfaction, your water system will be in safe hands with us.

The air release valve in a water pipeline plays a critical role in maintaining system efficiency and effectiveness. It regulates and controls air release during filling, drawing, and regular use, preventing potential harm to system operation and efficiency.

The valve features a resilient seated single-chamber or double-chamber design, with a large orifice for automatic pipeline ventilation and a smaller orifice for releasing air pockets during pressurised operation.

Constructed with corrosion-resistant materials, the valve can be paired with isolating valves like lug-type butterfly valves with hand levers, gate valves, or ball valves.


Releasing air pressure from water pipes is crucial to maintain system health and prevent potential damage. It’s a simple process that ensures safety and efficiency for both your system and you.

To release air pressure:

  1. Locate the isolation valve in your piping system before or after the air release valve. Close it to stop the water flow.
  2. Use a wrench to open the air release valve slightly, allowing built-up air pressure to escape. You may hear a hissing sound, which is normal.
  3. Once the process completes, close the valve again.

For systems with automatic air release valves, turning off the power will release air pressure without manual intervention.

Laminar’s air release valves feature resilient seated single-chamber or double-chamber designs, with a large orifice for pipeline ventilation and a smaller orifice to release air pockets under pressure. These valves are constructed using materials resistant to corrosion. They can be used with isolating valves such as hand-operated lug-type butterfly, gate, or ball valves.


Air release valves are best placed at strategic points in the water pipeline system, such as at each filling point and any high points – ensuring that large volumes of air can be quickly released from areas where it may accumulate during regular operation. Air release valves should also be installed before and after pumps to ensure proper system operation.

Installing an efficient air release valve is essential for properly functioning pipelines, so select a quality product that meets your specific needs carefully.


Air relief valves, often called air vents or air release valves, play a pivotal role within water pipeline systems. These valves are indispensable for safeguarding the system against potential harm from excessive pressure buildup.

Functioning seamlessly, they automatically open and close to release trapped air while averting the formation of air pockets during routine operation. These valves can be conveniently paired with isolating valves like lug-type butterfly valves with hand levers, gate valves, or ball valves.


Enhancing airflow within your pipe is a pivotal stride toward ensuring the efficient operation of your water pipeline system. This measure effectively curbs excessive pressure buildup, which could otherwise imperil the system’s integrity.

To achieve this, employing dedicated air release valves proves highly effective. Engineered with resilient single-chamber or double-chamber designs, these valves facilitate controlled and regulated air release, safeguarding system operation and efficiency.

For optimal functionality, air release valves can seamlessly incorporate isolating valves such as lug-type butterfly valves with hand levers, gate valves, or ball valves.

Precision is key. Adhere to all manufacturer guidelines and verify that the operating pressure aligns with the recommended range. This meticulous approach ensures a well-maintained and efficient water pipeline system.

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