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Valves Repair

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Valves Repair


As an independent service provider, Laminar objectively assesses existing valves and makes expert recommendations on improvements without being tied to specific valve manufacturers.

Laminar leverages decades of experience in repairing and upgrading valves used in critical applications in water desalination, gas and petrochemical processing, and power industries. We’ve worked with isolation and control valves of all sizes and brands. 

We can work onsite, through our fleet of mobile assets, or in one of our valve repair facilities. Our well-trained service technicians ensure competent and scheduled repair or maintenance work. Hence, your system is up and running as quickly as possible.

We can provide you with original spare parts for your valves and actuators. We provide prompt customer field service responses for all types and brands of valves, gearboxes, and actuators. Our technical support can be planned or in response to emergencies.

A standard valves’ refurbishment would include:

  • Valve strip-down and assessment.
  • Providing a statement of any services, issues or spares that are required
  • Blasting relevant parts & re-paint, if required.
  • Replace the required spare parts.
  • Testing, commissioning & calibration, if required.
  • Issue a service report as well as a test certificate

Our valve engineers will focus on getting your valves tested, repaired, and quickly set to the exact requirements. We evaluate the repair condition of every valve, case by case. We will recommend the right solution to manage your maintenance program.

Through valve repair, we reduce the total cost of ownership and lead times for valve failures. Our valve repair service restores your valves to better-than-new condition for continued service, enhanced performance, and cost savings.

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Complete Valve and Actuator Services

Our valve technicians are trained in mounting, repairing and servicing valve actuators from various valve actuation manufacturers, including Auma, Rotork, PRATT, Keystone, Bernard, Unitorq, Biffi, Limitorque, Promation Engineering and others.

We provide site and in-house evaluation and repair of all types and brands of actuators, including:

  • Manual
  • Electric
  • Hydraulic
  • Pneumatic

Keeping the entire automated valve and penstock as a single integrated piece of equipment allows us to function test and set torques and travel limits, ensuring proper seat sealing during pressure testing. This gives our customers peace of mind knowing both valve and actuator are warrantied through a single source.

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