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Line Stopping Service

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Line Stopping Service

Maintaining critical piping on-line during repairs, maintenance, and modifications.

Line Stopping, such as hot tapping and plugging or bagging, offers a safe, reliable, cost-effective, and effective solution to isolate and bypass specific pipeline sections when your pressurised pipeline system requires maintenance, modification, or repair while still in operation.

You can circumvent the need to shut down the entire pipeline, saving time and cost while preventing fluid loss.

What Is Line Stopping?

Line stopping, line plugging, or flow stopping is a mechanical means of temporarily isolating a pipeline section in a live piping system that cannot be totally shutdown or frozen. This process serves as a control or temporary valve. The line-stop machine will be removed after modification or valve replacements have been made and a completion plug threaded into the fitting.

Line Stopping is most commonly used for:

  • Leak repairs with minimum or no service interruptions
  • Valve replacements and valve insertions under pressure
  • Pipeline relocations without production loss or shutdowns
  • Insertions of new pipeline structures/components to the existing system

Laminar can provide line stopping service for planned or emergency maintenance for low- and high-pressure gas, oil, petrochemical and water mains of all diameters for both metal and plastic pipelines.

We offer four technologies for line stopping:


1. Inflatable Line Stop (Twin Bagtube Flow Stopping System)

System 1 & 3 Twin Bagtube is the insertion of two flowstopping bags through a single drilling. They offer significant savings in labour and reinstatement costs.

Key Features
  • Low gas-pressure pipelines
  • Maximum operating pressures dependent on the main size
  • Smaller excavations
  • 3” to 48” pipes for metal pipes (like steel, cast iron, ductile iron)
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Independent bag replacement
  • Can be used with keyhole technology
  • Uses the same valve base as a standard bagtube (system 1 valve)
  • Strong bags for additional safety (GIS/E20)

2. PE Inflatable Line Stop (Twin Bagtube PE Flow Stopping System)

The Twin Bagtube system can be used on both old metallic and PE pipes with a branch saddle, consequently replacing squeeze-off operations on low-pressure PE pipes. The table below provides information about bag and shoe sizes for various SDR ratings.

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3. Line Stop (Pipe Plugging)

It is mostly used for high-pressure, high-flow, and high-temperature line stop applications requiring maximum safety margins. Our line-stopping equipment ranges from 1″ (25mm) in diameter up to 48″ (1200mm), and we cater for all sectors of the industry, including water, gas and oil.

Our line-stop services are a cost-effective solution to enable repairs, maintenance, modifications or reconfiguration of existing piping systems to be carried out on a planned or emergency basis safely and quickly.

We also provide the fabrication, supply and installation of line-stop fittings to suit varying pressures, sizes and product mediums. Laminar provides both temporary and permanent bypass pipework to ensure our line stops can be done without pipeline and service disruption. 

  • Line-stops can be done on temperatures up to 300 °C (575 °F) as standard, and higher upon request.
  • Line-stops are a cost effective and efficient method of completing repair works on a piping system. We can provide services on pressures of up to 100 bar (1450 psi) as standard and higher upon request.
  • All of our works are catered for job specifically and our line-stop services can be executed on most pipeline products including clean and dirty water, gas, oil, steam and aviation fuel.
  • Our line-stop equipment ranges from 1″ (25mm) – 48″ (1200mm) diameter

4. PE Line Stop (PE Pipe Plugging)

With our revolutionary plug and machine design, hot tapping, plugging and branching on polyethylene PE pipes is easy and safe to perform – and faster than with any other isolation technology.

The system is lightweight and simple and requires significantly less excavation space. Laminar can perform PE pipe plugging for sizes 110mm (4”) to 355mm (14”) of SDR11 and SDR17 with zero-leakage gas up to 4 bar operating pressure.

To familiarise yourself with different flow-stopping options, please read our articles about the hot tap and line stop service. You can also consult us directly.

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