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Cladding is a technique that adds an extra layer of protective material over another. Thermal insulation helps keep the right temperature and makes pipes and ducts more challenging against the weather while also making them look better.

LAMINAR is a leading industrial and commercial cladding contractor serving various industrial applications. We have a lot of experience as cladding installers, specialising in the insulation of pipes, ductwork, and plant items such as pumps, tanks, and vessels. No matter your system, our expert team will cater our cladding services to your requirements. 

LAMINAR offers a full cladding service, from new builds to refurbishments. Our highly skilled installation team and management have years of experience in all aspects of the insulation and cladding industry.


Our specialisation lies in the mechanical insulation of pipes, ducts, and equipment such as pumps, flowmeters, vessels, and tanks.

Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation is a method to minimise heat transfer, which occurs when thermal energy moves between objects at different temperatures that are in thermal contact or within the range of radiative influence. 

Businesses can attain insulation through engineered techniques or processes and appropriate shapes and materials of objects. Heat transfer is an unavoidable outcome of contact between objects at varying temperatures. Thermal insulation reduces thermal conduction or reflects thermal radiation instead of absorbing it by the object at a lower temperature.

Thermal insulation is critical for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and save on energy costs. In commercial and industrial buildings, pipes transport hot fluids, gases, or chilled water. HVAC systems circulate air through large ducts and pipes. Proper insulation safeguards against heat loss or gain. This results in reduced energy consumption, lower operational costs, and better sustainability.

LAMINAR offers customised solutions that maintain the desired temperature of fluids and air and prevent condensation, which can lead to corrosion and system inefficiencies. 

We provide a comprehensive service for installing insulation and cladding for pipework, pumps, and valves. We undertake projects primarily within the Power Generation, Pharmaceutical, HVAC, and food industries. We would be pleased to help you improve your thermal efficiency.


Insulation and cladding play crucial roles in enhancing buildings’ energy efficiency and aesthetics. Insulation refers to adding a material layer to internal or solid walls to reduce heat loss or gain, thus improving thermal comfort and reducing energy consumption. On the other hand, cladding involves covering the exterior surface of a building with materials such as wood, metal, or composite panels for protection and aesthetic appeal.

In construction, insulation is commonly used to regulate indoor temperatures by preventing heat transfer through walls. It helps maintain a consistent temperature inside buildings, reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling systems. Conversely, cladding serves as a protective layer that shields the building from external elements like weather conditions and UV radiation.

The combination of insulation and cladding offers a range of applications across various structures, including residential homes, commercial buildings, industrial facilities, and public infrastructure. Property owners can achieve improved energy efficiency, durability, and aesthetic value by incorporating these elements into building design and renovation projects.

Therefore, insulation and cladding are crucial for sustainable building design and performance. The technique improves thermal comfort and adds value to properties by enhancing their appearance and longevity.

Pipe insulation cladding is a protective covering applied over the insulation layer on the internal walls of pipes. It serves as an additional barrier to safeguard the insulation material from external elements and physical damage, ensuring the longevity and efficiency of the insulation system.

Cladding in pipe insulation is an ideal solution to enhance the insulation’s overall performance by providing resistance against moisture, UV exposure, corrosion, and mechanical impact. It helps maintain the integrity of the insulation layer, preventing any potential degradation or loss of thermal efficiency.

Encapsulating the insulation material within a durable cladding layer ensures that the pipe remains well-protected and insulated, even in harsh environmental conditions. The cladding also adds extra safety by reducing heat loss or gain from the pipes, contributing to energy savings and maintaining consistent temperature control.

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