Y-Type Strainers


The purpose of inline Y-type strainers installation is the filtration of flowing fluid from mechanical contaminations, providing protection to pumps, valves and other components in a pipeline system. They are pipe fittings designed to keep particles out of fluids. The presence of Y-type strainer can make the difference between having a staple pipeline system functioning consistently or enduring shutdowns and expensive repairs.

A Y strainer generally consists of a body, a bonnet, a filtering member (a mesh) and draining plug. The diameter of the cells, which defines the grade of medium purification, can vary. In general, ductile iron is used for strainer body whereas the mesh is usually made from stainless steel 316.

The reusability of Y-type strainers gives an advantage over standard filtering systems made of disposable components for filtering fluids. Pipeline operators can save money and time by investing in reusable components like Y-type strainers instead of continually replacing filters made of less durable material.

PN10, 16, 25



Transmission pipeline | Distribution Network | Industrial plants

  • With single strainer and double strainer
  • Stainless steel basket
  • With drain plug

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