Segmented Ball Valve

stainless steel segmented ball valve

A Segmented Ball Control Valve is a quarter-turn ball valve with v-port design, that provides control in severe service applications or in high capacity flow that require non-clogging and precise control which makes it ideal for throttling applications where dirty liquids, gases, slurry, solids or fibrous suspensions may exist. This ball control valve has good range ability, modulating, and shutoff capability with its integral body design, v-port ball and metal or soft sealing. We offer a versatile Segmented Ball Valve designed for modulating or on/off operation in a wide variety of industries including power plants, chemicals, oil & gas, and mining.

PNClass 150-600 / PN16-PN40

Water | Sewage | Oil | Gas | Synthetics


Water and sewage applications | Power plants | Seawater desalination plants | Industrial plants

  • One-piece body design which offers greater efficiency against pipe surges and eliminates number of potential leak paths
  • Provides control of your flow as well as on/off capabilities similar to the conventional ball valve
  • The v-notch contouring in the ball design helps to minimize cavitation, turbulence and erosion of the valve and pipe components
  • Available in flanged and butt-weld ends
  • Available with metal seat and soft seat

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