Plastic Butterfly Valves


Plastic Butterfly Valves have proven to outperform metal valves in many applications, PVC-U or high temperature handling CPVC provide high chemical and corrosion resistance while offering lighter weight.

Our plastic butterfly valves are modular, allowing them to be integrated into any gas or liquid piping system easier due to its lower weight compared to metal butterfly valves. Available with a wide variety of options for greater application versatility in Polypropylene as well as special PTFE lined valve which can be manufactured for high purity applications.

DNDN25 – DN1000

Water | Seawater | Wastewater | Brine | Chemicals


Industrial water processing | Water treatment | Chemical process industry | Seawater desalination | Swimming pools | Aquatic life – support /oceanarium | Landscaping | Aquarium | Fish Farms / Hatchery Production | Recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) | Larviculture Tanks

  • The bore diameter is according to 6B2555-81, PN10 and can be customised as per the requirements in accordance to other standards such as JIS, DIN and ANSI
  • Choice of Buna-N, EPDM or FKM seats & seals

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