Louver Dampers

Louver Damper

Laminar line of Louver dampers provides reliable control and isolation. Our designs offer quick response and fast operating cycles. The Louver damper is capable of providing reliable and repeatable flow control for all applications.  

Louver Dampers or Multi-Vane Louver Dampers consist of several blades mounted parallel across a duct. They provide a combination of flow control for the air and gas in dry or wet conditions and can isolate.

PN0 - 0.5 bar (50Kpa)
DNDN300 – DN1000

Air | Gas


Exhaust systems | Air ducting | Any application that requires isolation of air/gas flows

  • Temperature range: Up to 800°C
  • Round or rectangular design
  • Fully welded body
  • On/off or modulating
  • Electrically actuated (pneumatic & hydraulic actuators also available on request)
  • End connections: Flanged to fit ANSI, EN, JIS standards

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