Foot Valve

Foot Valve

A foot valve is a type of check valve, can be fitted at the bottom of pump suction line, inside the wet tank.

Foot valves are a cost-effective way to prime a single centrifugal pump. In wet tanks and reservoirs, foot valves are continually submerged and not easily accessible for checking, choosing the a high quality foot valve therefore is crucial for the piping system. Typical body materials include PVC, Epoxy coated DI or bronze.

PN10, 16, 25

Water, seawater, chemicals


Reservoirs, irrigation, marine

  • Operates in any position
  • Reliable, robust, simple
  • Minimum head loss
  • Perfect sealing at high as well as at low pressure
  • ensured by a flat seal.
  • Long axial guiding
  • Available as threaded, flanged connections
  • Body can be brass, cast Iron, Ductile Iron, stainless steel & PVC

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