Swing Type Check Valve


Back flow prevention is routinely achieved via the use of swing check valves, dual plate check valves or axial type check valve.

PN10, 16, 25

Water | Wastewater | Seawater


Water treatment applications | Water distribution | Pre-treated sewage | Power plants | Industrial plants.

  • Metallic sealing in accordance with EN 16767 / EN 12334 and available with resilient seated option
  • Face-to-face length according to EN 558
  • Flanges and bolt pattern conform to EN1092
  • Corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant metallic sealing seat
  • Epoxy coating internally and externally
  • Body material of Ductile Iron or stainless steel
  • Disk material of Ductile Iron or stainless steel
  • Shaft of stainless steel
  • Available with tilting disc check valve option

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