Ball Valve

pneumatice stainless steel ball valve (2)

Ball valves are mainly used in industrial processes as well as in the fields of water supply and water/wastewater treatment applications to provide on/off capabilities.

PN16, 25, 40, 63

Water | Wastewater | Oil | Gas | Chemical


Water and Wastewater Applications | Water treatment plants | Industrial plants

  • Design in acc. to ISO 7121, ISO 17292, EN 1983, ANSI B16.34, API 600
  • Available as one-piece, two and three-piece body type, floating ball or trunnion type valves with reduced bore
  • Mode of operation can be hand lever, gear, actuators (electric, pneumatic, hydraulic)
  • Full or reduced bore
  • End-connections with flanges, welding ends, inside thread (sockets) or external thread
  • Optional position indicator and limit switch
  • Available with PTFE sealing option

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