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Inspecting and maintaining sewer pipes has been revolutionised using sewer cameras, also known as push, drain, or pipe cameras. These advanced cameras offer a wide range of benefits for plumbers, engineers, and maintenance workers by allowing them to visually inspect the condition of sewer lines without the need for costly and time-consuming excavation.

At Laminar, we offer a comprehensive camera system for drains and sewers that includes everything you need to inspect pipes, document your findings, and issue reports for your site. Our cameras come equipped with high-resolution lenses that can capture clear images and videos of the interior of sewer pipes, even under challenging conditions. This eliminates guesswork and provides immediate visual feedback on any potential issues or blockages within the pipes.

Our sewer line cameras are available in various camera head sizes and reels. The push rod sewer camera comes in lengths from 30 to 150 meters, enabling you to push farther than ever before, no matter what the job. Our complete package allows you to easily access underground sewage systems, stormwater networks, pipelines, drains, and ducts with minimum excavation work.

Our sewer push camera inspection kit is entirely portable, rugged, and simple to use, making it an affordable solution for inspecting sewer pipes and maintaining them in good condition.



Sewer line inspection | Drain inspection | Pipeline inspection

Pipe size range

Suitable for pipe diameters of 25mm-350mm

Cable length

20/30/40/60/80/100/120 meter fiberglass rod cable

Control unit

LCD screen


HD sewer camera with optional built-in 512hz transmitter

Camera diameter

 Φ14mm×21mm – ¢38mm×81mm

Key Features

  • Comes with DVR function
  • Multi-functional pull handle and smooth wheels for easy transport and positioning
  • Various camera head sizes available, has forward and side-facing lens and are self-levelling
  • Equipped with built-in LED lights
  • Reels available in 5 sizes
  • Push rods available in lengths from 30-150m


Firstly, consider the type of pipe inspection camera that suits your needs. Look for a camera specifically designed for drain lines and sewer inspections. These cameras can navigate through narrow pipes and capture clear images or videos.

  • Flexibility: Opt for a sewer camera with a flexible spring or cable that can easily manoeuvre through bends and twists in the pipes. This ensures thorough inspection without any damage to the pipes.
  • Resolution quality: Pay attention to the resolution and image quality of the camera. A high-resolution camera will provide clear visuals and video inspection, allowing you to identify any issues or blockages accurately.
  • Durability: Look for cameras made from sturdy materials that can withstand harsh conditions commonly found in sewer systems.
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