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Gas In-Pipe Camera System

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Gas companies can benefit from a game-changing and cost-effective solution for internal inspections by using in-pipe camera systems.

These systems provide real-time CCTV feedback on pipeline conditions, enabling operators to detect potential issues like water ingress, corrosion, leaks, or blockages before they escalate into major problems. Early detection allows for timely maintenance or repairs, preventing costly damages and ensuring the safety and reliability of pipeline infrastructures.

As a helpful pipeline inspection equipment for damage prevention, they can conduct remote assessments in a short period of time to maintain your pipe integrity.

Key Features:
  • Robust, bespoke camera with LED illumination
  • Cameras are made of aerospace-grade materials, making them very lightweight.
  • HDD display screen and control unit always provide daylight visibility.
  • High-quality, self-levelling camera for accurate visual inspection and gas leak detection even in curved pipelines.
  • Exclusive push rod cable technology provides a tougher defence against wear and tear.
  • Increased fibre bonding improves resistance against snapping while retaining flexibility and low friction during surveys.

Metallic Camera Systems

The laminar range for live metallic gas pipelines is field-tested in surveying services and mains from ½” to 48”. It can operate at pressures of up to 2 barg.

It helps gas operators diagnose poor pressure problems quickly and effectively by locating in-pipe obstructions and water ingress and finding defects and joints that cause leaks. It is also used to pinpoint any fittings, bends, or joints or assess the condition of the pipes.

As this system is suitable for live gas (under pressure), it provides no interruption to customers, significantly reduces excavations and the subsequent environmental impact, and brings down maintenance costs.

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PE Camera Systems

The laminar range for PE gas mains and distribution network is precisely engineered to maximise access fittings to enter the pipe network safely and efficiently. Our PE camera systems have been designed for pressurised gas pipes up to 2 barg.

Laminar offers a range of cameras for PE mains that gas workers, commissioning teams, and repair and maintenance operators can use. Using our systems, engineers can save considerable time, effort and cost in identifying poor pressures, leaks, water ingress in gas pipes, fittings, bends, connections and material changes.

Laminar has designed its PE cameras based on the experience it has gained from years of live pipe surveying. Additionally, Laminar’s PE system provides operators various insertion coils (or Cobras) options that offer the flexibility required for easy launch and the robustness needed to maximise push distance.


Pipeline inspection can be done with various types of cameras, such as HDDs, DVRs, and CCTVs. Although each camera has specific strengths, they share advantages that suit them well.

Using a camera for pipeline inspection can provide significant cost savings. It can save both time and money compared to manual inspection. Additionally, cameras can produce high-quality images that clearly understand the pipeline’s condition. Furthermore, operators can use these cameras and other sensors to view the pipeline environment comprehensively.

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