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Pipeline Inspection Cameras

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Pipeline Inspection Cameras

Professionals working with pipelines and service networks, in general, consider pipe inspection cameras to be an essential tool for industrial inspections. These advanced devices have revolutionised how we inspect and maintain our underground infrastructure.

Laminar’s innovative camera systems are designed for live gas PE, metallic, and PVC pipe up to 4 bargs in pressure. Higher-pressure systems are available upon request.

With their compact and highly modular design, pipe inspection cameras can navigate through gas and water pipes of various sizes and materials. They provide real-time visual feedback using high-resolution cameras and powerful lighting systems, allowing operators to identify any issues or blockages within the pipes.

Pipe inspection cameras have a vast array of use cases. Oil and gas pipe operators, plumbers, contractors, integrity assessors and maintenance crews widely use them to diagnose problems such as leaks, cracks, corrosion, root intrusions, water ingress or clogs in gas pipes or sewer lines. Professionals can efficiently plan targeted repairs or maintenance work by pinpointing the exact location and nature of the issue.

Businesses can benefit from pipe inspection cameras as they are cost-effective. By accurately identifying problems before they escalate into major issues, these devices help prevent costly repairs or replacements.

Laminar always has the right camera for your pipe needs; choose the pipe diameters you need to survey and how you would like to access the pipe, and then we can offer a range of cameras, coilers, launching systems and screens to meet the budget and requirements.

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Gas In-Pipe Camera System

Gas companies can benefit from a game-changing and cost-effective solution for internal inspection.
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Sewer Cameras

Inspecting and maintaining sewer pipes has been revolutionised using sewer cameras


Advanced technology has revolutionised pipeline inspection by introducing the sewer camera or inspection camera. These cameras are essential tools in the inspection process, providing a comprehensive and accurate view of the inside of pipes and making inspections efficient and effective.

The pipe camera solution attaches a high-resolution camera to a flexible cable, which operators insert into pipes and drains. This allows inspectors to visually assess the condition of pipelines without the need for costly and time-consuming excavation. Inspectors can use drain cameras to identify pipeline blockages, leaks, or structural issues. The real-time footage captured by these cameras provides valuable insights into the overall health and integrity of the pipeline.

Inspection cameras have vast applications, ranging from residential plumbing inspections to large-scale industrial applications. They are instrumental in construction, oil and gas, municipal services, and wastewater management. This technology facilitates efficient, accurate, and safe inspections, saving time and money.

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