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Manual Model Advantages:

  1. The accurate thread bolt ensures tightening progress in smooth and easy mode.
    2. Structure made of aluminium alloy, light and robust, in compact design makes it ideal for confined & limited working places.
    3. Multi-size brakes to provide over-squeeze protection
    4. Manual block once the upper bar reaches the lower bar of the device.

Hydraulic Model Advantages:

  1. High-efficiency oil tank with regular press and release speed and good stability.
  2. Multi-size brakes to provide over-squeeze protection
  3. Manual block once the upper bar reaches the lower bar of the device.
  4. Structure made of aluminium alloy, light and robust, in compact design makes it ideal for confined & limited working places.
  5. The hydraulic type performs better in blocking.

Squeeze Off Tools - Manual & Hydraulic

Simple to use and reliable squeeze-off tools suitable for shutting off (squeezing off) medium and high-density HDPE & MDPE pipes during repair and modification work and allow pipe repairs safely and effectively without draining the system. 

Suitable for PE pipes from 2-inch diameter to 12-inch size (63mm-316mm). It also can block 12 types of pipes with different SDRs. They are made of aluminium alloy craft, which is light and robust. The handle is adjustable, and the sliding bar makes work in narrow spaces easier and increases leverage for tightening. Furthermore, the brakes on our squeeze-off machines prevent damage caused by over-clamping.

We can offer different models that handle various pipe sizes and applications.

Product features:

    1. It can squeeze off PE pipes as large as size 12 inches (315mm).
      2. Available in manual mode and hydraulic cylinder.
      3. Compact design suitable for confined spaces.
    2. Aluminium structure reduces tool weight for easier handling.
    3. Fine-pitched thread on the feed stud provides controlled, easy tightening.
Hinged Pipe Cutter reed Custom


We offer a range of guillotine cutters to cut polyethylene pipe in sizes ranging from 63mm to 355mm.

Reliable Guillotine Pipe Cutters are designed to cut PE pipe from various SDRs on medium and high-density polyethylene pipe HDPE & MDPE. The design of the guillotine cutter is smart and simple. The machine body is made of high-strength ductile cast iron, which gives it high intensity and ductility. It can resist deformation under high pressure and is crash-proof. The blade is made of high-strength tool steel and specially heat-treated to balance strength and toughness. Moreover, the non-stick Teflon-coated blade makes many cuts with no chips to clog valves and small openings. It is your ideal PE pipe-cutting tool.


  1. Equipped with a long handle, it is lighter and easier to swing.
  2. Robust, durable design makes cutting HDPE/MDPE pipes quick and accurate.
  3. The rack is made of strengthened nodular cast iron, which is strong and of good ductility.
  4. Durable, super-strength steel with special heat treatment boosts the blade’s performance.
  5. Unique block design makes cutting quicker and easier in PE pipes. 
  6. Blades are easy to sharpen or replace.

Product features:

  1. When cutting the PE pipe with the guillotine blade, the blade will not extrude the PE pipe to ensure its safety.
  2. Ergonomic design, safe for operators. 
  3. Clean, no chips to clog valves and small bores.
  4. High-quality cuts with durable non-stick Teflon-coated (resharpenable and replaceable) tool steel blades.
in line


Laminar in-line rotary PE pipe cutters are excellent for cutting PE and PVC pipes in trenches and above ground. The rotary cutter needs around 180mm clearance around the pipe, making it very easy to operate in the trenches and with lower prep costs. The rack is made of a super aluminium alloy, which is strong and light. The working range is from 110mm to 800mm. The idler wheel helps correct the pipe-cutting machine so the cuttings are straight. The machine can make a 15-degree groove in and outside the pipe simultaneously.

Product features:

  1. The ideal plastic manual cutting tool.
  2. Safe to use and reliable, manually operated, convenient.
  3. Especially applicable for perpendicular pipes due to their lightweight and simplicity.
  4. The blade lasts long with a stable function.
  5. The cutting points are placed on circular rows, not harming the pipes.
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