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Key features

  • V-shaped blade
  • Fast opening for quick operation
  • Lightweight
  • Can cut MDPE and HDPE pipes
  • Replacement blades available

LAMINAR offer gasoline and diesel-driven hydraulic power packs (HPU) that are designed for easy portability and to extend periods of operation. Anywhere a compact hydraulic source is required is a perfect choice for a LAMINAR Hydraulic Power Unit. 


When it comes to gas and ware pipe tools, you can always find it with us. Pipe cutters and tools for polyethylene pipe available in a large range of sizes to suit your application. Innovation and quality built in! 

LAMINAR offers a wide range of squeeze-off tools for stopping flow in PE pipe. Choose from manual, hydraulic, or air (pneumatic) over hydraulic squeeze tool models with capacities ranging from 1/2 inch to 12 inch pipe diameters. 

Our Mid-Duty Hydraulic Squeeze Tool is hydraulically operated, double-acting, large-bore hydraulic cylinder mounts to the tubular frame, providing centralized force to PE pipe. A pair of Saddle Clamps mechanically lock the upper and lower jaws and assist in completing the squeeze-off procedure. 

Our Hydraulic Heavy-Duty Squeeze Tool utilizes two large-bore hydraulic cylinders which provide a massive force adjacent to the folds of the flattened pipe. The 2-Stage Pump provides the correct volume and pressure for safe, reliable compressive force in a controlled manner. Both cylinders are hydraulically locked with a pilot operated locking valve incorporated in the manifold block. An optional squeeze release control valve is also available that allows slow, controlled release of the upper jaw LAMINAR also offer a range of versatile PE pipe guillotine cutters, suitable for various pipe wall thicknesses and densities. Guillotine cutters can offer a straight, square cut with minimal blade wear, excellent for Butt or Electrofusion.
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PE Tools and Machines

Simple to use and reliable squeeze-off tools suitable for shutting off (squeezing off) medium and high-density pipes.
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Hydraulic Power Pack

Are you looking for a high-pressure hydraulic power unit – gasoline operated to run your hydraulic actuator? Let's find the perfect match
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Level Gauges

Field level gauge indicators are liquid level gauges that indicate the fluid level inside the tank or vessel, providing real-time monitoring
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