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  • ANSI Pressure classes 300-1500
  • Design based on API 6H. Design calculation ASME Sec. VIII Div. I
  • Body materials A516 Gr. 70, ASTM A105
  • PTFE-coated bolts and nuts, bolt material A193 Gr. B7 and nut material A194 Gr. 2H
  • Standard coating yellow epoxy 100 microns
  • Gaskets (H) NBR or Viton
  • Weldable option is available with heat-insulating gaskets
  • Double-row sealing is available on request
  • Sacrificial anodes can be installed on the sleeves for long-term cathodic protection
  • Nonstandard lengths are available on request
  • MTC document will be provided along with the order


Laminar offers a comprehensive range of top-quality, high-pressure pipe repair clamps designed to address oil and gas pipeline leaks. Identifying and installing an appropriate pipeline repair solution is critical in maintaining a seamless water flow. 

Whether you require high-pressure pipe repair clamps for leaks in onshore or offshore transmission pipeline systems, gas pipes, or pipes for petrochemical fluids, we can provide you with the right pipe repair solution that meets the relevant European standard at a competitive price, with a short lead time.

Our repair sleeves or clamps are equipped with hinge plates and lifting eyes, making installing them in the field more accessible, depending on their size. We meticulously inspect and factory test our fittings to 1.3 times the design pressure, ensuring we deliver our customers the highest quality products.

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