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Dismantling Joints

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LAMINAR dismantling joints provide easy installation and disassembly of flanged pipework and fittings, or flanged equipment such as valves, meters and pumps. The dismantling joints accommodate axial displacement of mains during installation and dismantling.

A dismantling joint is a type of double-flanged fitting that allows for longitudinal adjustment in flanged piping systems. It simplifies the assembly and disassembly of flanged pipework, fittings, and equipment such as valves, pumps, and flow meters. Connecting from one side allows for optimal length adjustment of the collar, compensating for axial displacement during installation.

In the long run, this fitting simplifies pipe modifications, reducing costly downtime during maintenance.

The installation uses a spanner and torque wrench and requires tie rods to provide final anchoring and restraining. This fitting can be made of either stainless steel or high-tensile steel. With fewer tie-rods than flange holes and the tie-rods acting as flange jointing bolts, the process is easier and faster while offering a secure, rigid, fully end-load resistant system with a pressure rating equal to the flange.



PN10-PN63 (Class#150 – Class#400)


50 to 2200 mm


Water, wastewater, seawater, gas


Pumping stations | utilities | Water treatment plants | Seawater desalination plants | Power plants | Chemical plants | Industrial applications


  • Cost-effective installation and dismantling thanks to fewer tie-rods
  • Standard axial adjustment of ±100 mm
  • Coated with WRAS-approved Fusion Bonded Epoxy with a minimum of 250 microns.
  • Flange Drilling connection suits various flanging standards: ISO 7005-1 (EN 1092- 1, DIN 2501), AWWA C207, ANSI 150, and ANSI 300.
  • All dismantling joints come with a flat face or raised face option.
  • The body can be Ductile Iron (DI), steel or stainless steel.
  • EPDM gasket or NBR
  • Studs, nuts and tie-rods of zinc-plated and passivated steel
  • Optionally with studs, nuts and tie-rods of stainless steel A2 or acid-resistant stainless steel A4
  • Angular deflection:
    • <DN600mm is +/- 4°
    • DN700 & 800 is +/- 3°
    • DN900 & 1200 is +/- 2°


Dismantling joints are special types of double-flanged fittings that facilitate the assembly and disassembly of flanged piping systems, fittings, and equipment such as valves, pumps, flow meters, etc. Connecting the dismantling joint from one side enables the collar to achieve an optimal length by allowing movement. This makes it ideal for adjusting long and bulky pipe sections or flanged pipe systems.

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