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We are leaders in pipe joints  

and repair products, providing the complete pipe jointing solution

Durable, safe and maintenance-free connections of piping systems with the Laminar jointing technology for water and gas applications. Our fittings and mechanical joints are used underground and aboveground, for new systems, extensions, service and repair work. 

We have what you need wherever you are: 

  • Tailor made solutions 
  • Competent customer support 
  • Fast delivery 
  • Complete packages 
  • Know-how and know-why of applications 

Water, Waste Water & Gas Cycle

Where & what Laminar products get used
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Source – Reservoirs

• Large diameter dedicated •Dismantling Joints

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Raw and drinking water transmission mains

•Large diameter dedicated
•PE Couplings

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Water Treatment

•Large diameter dedicated •Dismantling Joints •Restrained

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Domestic drinking water distribution network

•Wide tolerance •Restrained •PE couplings •Repair Clamps


Source – Sewage Pump Stations

•Large diameter dedicated •Dismantling Joints •Restrained


Pumping mains

•Large diameter dedicated
•PE Couplings


Sewage Treatment

•Large diameter dedicated •Dismantling Joints •Restrained


Sea Outfalls

• PE Couplings



•Dismantling Joints •Restrained
•PE Couplings



•Restrained •Dismantling Joints •PE Couplings

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Local Distribution

•Restrained •Dismantling Joints •PE Couplings


Power Plants

• PE Couplings

Innovative company

As an innovative company in pipeline couplings and repair clamps we are continuously looking for new products and applications for our clients. Our aim is to be successful in jointing and repairing pipes, both above and below ground. We are adding new products to our diverse product portfolio of pipe couplings and repair clamps constantly for various applications and industries.
Laminar pipe couplings range meets the highest inspection requirements, including the marine industry (ABS, DNV GL, LRS). They are corrosion and temperature resistant and therefore ideally suited to marine industry as well as oil and gas.

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Dismantling Joints

Laminar dismantling joints provide easy installation and disassembly of flanged pipework and fittings, offering flexibility
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Repair Clamps For Waterworks

Laminar’s Repair Clamp product family is a game-changer when fixing damaged pipes quickly.
Laminar Singapore Pvt Ltd 61 14

Repair Clamps For Oil & gas

Laminar offers a comprehensive range of top-quality, high-pressure pipe repair clamps designed to address…
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Uni-Coupling Pipe Couplings

UNI-Coupling pipe couplings are designed with a patented rubber that effectively compensates for.
Laminar Singapore Pvt Ltd 61 12

Universal Couplings

Our universal product family is a wide range of Couplings and Flange Adaptors designed to join pipes of different materials, sizes
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Dedicated Couplings

Laminar’s Dedicated Couplings are designed to connect pipes with the same outside diameter, ensuring secure and leak-proof connections.
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Dedicated Flange Adaptors

If you need to join plain-ended pipes to flanged valves, fittings, and other flanged components, Laminar offers a comprehensive
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Restrained Universal Fittings

LAMINAR restrained fittings family, which can be couplings, flange adaptors or end cap
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Encapsulation Collars

While the pipeline is under pressure, encapsulation collars are utilised to repair all kinds of pipes.
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