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System 1 Twin BagTube

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Group 1 1

This system represents a substantial advancement in gas pipeline maintenance and repair:


The System 1 Twin Bagtube platform is an innovative flow-stopping technology in gas pipelines. This system provides a safe, cost-effective, and user-friendly solution for maintaining, repairing, and modifying gas distribution networks while ensuring gas supply continuity.  You can save significant labour, time, and reinstatement costs by inserting two flow-stopping bags safely through a single drilling hole. The new Twinstop bags, utilising advanced fabric technology, are designed for low-pressure operation on pipes ranging from 3″ to 12″.

Key Features
  • Low working pressure
  • Smaller excavations
  • 3” to 12” pipes
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Independent bag replacement
  • Can be used with keyhole technology
  • Stop off pressure 75 mbar for all bag sizes
  • Uses same valve base as a standard bagtube (system 1 valve)
Twinstop bags
The new Twinstop bags incorporate advanced technology and Ripstop fabric that is strong, fully tested, and field-tried.
  • Latest in fabric technology
  • Strength and flexibility
  • Single inflation pressure
  • Slimline construction
  • Bag sizes from 3” to 12

System 1 Drill & Tap

The System 1 drill and tap have been used for over 30 years worldwide, including Singapore. This drilling machine can be manually operated or supplied with an air ratchet. Pneumatic drilling and tapping provide a fast and effective solution. 

Our tap live mains entry system meets stringent Gas-Free requirements. It accommodates any maintenance operation requiring up to a 2½” tapping.

  • ¾ “to 2½” live entry in a compact, lightweight package.
  • Operates on mains up to 60 psig pressure.
  • A realistic alternative to working in an “open hole.”
  • Interchangeable parts cover multiple applications.
  • Operates on ductile iron, steel and PE pipes.
  • It can be used for various applications, from camera entry to under-pressure street tee replacement and live internal bell joint repair.
  • No throttling procedures are required.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Total safety with reasonable economics.
  • ¾” to 2½ (BSP or NPT threads)
  • 3″ to 48″ diameter pipes
  • 30 psi (2 bar) operating pressure

Drilling Machine

  • Heat-treated aluminium castings for extra strength

  • Double bronze bushes for increased accuracy

  • Integral feed cap

  • Thrust bearing

  • Gate drill prevention system

The system combines specially designed high-speed Machine Steel Taps with a range of Fine Tolerance Holesaw cutters on a single cutting shaft, eliminating the need for a pilot drill. The combination ensures the minimum amount of metal is cut and the speed of the cut is increased without compromising accuracy.

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  • Holesaws cut ductile iron and steel at high speed through to 2½” diameter.
  • High level of accuracy while inexpensive to replace.
  • Designed for manual or pneumatic operation. 
  • Magnetic coupon retention system.
taps 1


  • No power is required for taps on ductile/cast iron or steel to 2½” diameter.
  • Skip-tooth design increases tapping efficiency on large pipe sizes.
  • Tap depth sets automatically.
  • Tap follows Holesaw in a single operation.

Hand tapping in cast/ductile iron always produces a significantly better thread form; however, it often leaves an excessive tapping load. To solve this, System-1 has specially engineered the larger taps with a Skip-tooth design that reduces the load by half yet can produce an extremely high-quality thread form by hand.

service valve

System 1 Service Valve

The Service Valve is a lightweight, robust platform for all other System-1 parts. Opening and closing the valve disc during the system’s operation ensures control of the gas flow at all times.

System 1 Service Valve features: 
  • Stainless steel gate for tight seal and durability 
  • Aluminum saddles with vulcanised rubber seal for platform stability
  • Double chains for higher security
  • Brass equalising valve
  • Low profile, compact design 
  • Larger enough throat for better manoeuvring with the drilling and inserting a variety of tees.
  • Fits all sizes of ductile iron and steel mains up to 48”.
  • New applications are continuously being added.

Bypass Head assembly with Reducer Assembly

Bypass head features: 
  • Aluminium material 
  • 3” BSP female outlet port and vent point
  • Pressure monitoring probe extends into the flow stream for accurate results
  • 2 Bar pressure-rated
Reducer assembly features
  • Gas approved ball valve
  • Hydraulic cone seated fitting
rider hose

Rider Hose Assembly

Rider hose assembly Key Features
  • Tested to 3 bar pressure
  • Six meters long
  • Stainless steel inner tube
  • Steel braided outer cover for additional protection
  • Easy to connect and high-quality seal

Magnetic Plug Fitting Spindle


Tee Insertion and Completion Plug Removal tooling

System 1 Fitting Canopy

The System-1 Fitting Canopy provides a universal method of inserting a wide range of pipe plugs and pipe fittings into cast/ductile iron and steel mains at any pressure of up to 60 psig without throttling.

  • The Canopy allows a universal method of insertion and removal of fittings and plugs, while maintaining strict control of the gas at all times.
  • Threaded fittings are placed directly into the pipe and do not require a full encirclement fitting or saddle.
  • Special PE Non-Tap Plugs are available to seal openings in thin wall steel and ductile iron mains without cutting threads.
  • Up to 2½” diameter fittings can be inserted using the System-1 canopy. This provides virtually the equivalent of a 3” branch main connection.
  • No pressure reduction or intervention is required for any insertion application.
  • Connections can be made to any diameter ductile iron and steel pipelines.

System-1 Platform Capabilities

Can your gas distribution tapping machine do all this Gas-Free?


Cutting and Tapping


Gutless Tee Removal


Metallic & PE Tee Insertion/Extraction


Sight Glass Inspection


Bypass Head with Integrated Pressure Reading Probe


60 psi pressure rating


Plug and Tee Insertion/Extraction


By-Pass Assembly and Bagging Off System for Gas Flow Stopping


Vent & Purge Adapter


Pipe Survey Camera Entry

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