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Plugging machines offer precise control and a wide range of capabilities, allowing maintenance on pressure fluids within various pipeline sections without the need for shutdown.

A standout feature of plugging machines is their versatility in accommodating different pipe sizes, ensuring effective sealing for maintenance or repair work, regardless of the diameter. This adaptability maximises operational efficiency, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity.

Their precise control mechanisms, including core drills, enable access to specific pipeline areas without causing damage or disruption. This precision is essential for adequate maintenance, contributing to a smooth operation.

Furthermore, plugging machines offer significant advantages in safety and cost-effectiveness. It is important to avoid complete shutdowns during maintenance to conserve valuable time and resources. Additionally, these machines enhance worker safety by reducing risks associated with manual intervention in high-pressure pipelines.

Laminar provides a wide range of hot tapping and plugging technologies, suitable for a broad spectrum of pipe sizes, with a strong track record in low and high-pressure applications.

Laminar’s plugging machines incorporate patented Plugging Heads, capable of withstanding pressures up to 100 bar with a safety factor of 6 times. This ensures the reliability and robustness of the plugging head, even under continuous use in high-pressure mains. This makes them both safe and cost-effective while maintaining high performance in the field.

Benefits of Plugging Machines

  1. No shutting down or interruption of the production process.
  2. Significant reduction in economic losses associated with downtime.
  3. No reduction in the transported fluid while maintaining the same working pressure.
  4. Extremely safe.
  5. Environmental friendly.
  6. Reliable, economical and effective temporary shutdown of pipeline sections.

Laminar also supplies welded and mechanical split tee fittings for hot taping applications. All our hot tap fittings are interchangeable with industry-standard hot tap and line stop equipment.



0 – 100 bar (10.0 Mpa)


DN40 – DN1600


Air, Gas, Water, Oil, Chemicals


Natural gas | Oil and Light oil products | Chemicals | Steam | Water


  • For 1 1/5” and larger till 48” (from DN40 till DN1600)
  • Maximum working temperature: 80°C
  • Maximum working pressure: 100 bar (10.0Mpa)
  • Suitable for metal and Polyethelyne (PE) pipe sizes from 1/2″ – 84″.
  • Other pressure and temperature combinations available by request
  • Can bypass the housing
  • Direct reading scale enables the operators to know the plugging head position at all times
  • Plugging Head is patented and designed with a safety factor of 6 times
  • Our Plugging Head has scrap sweeping and automatic pressure compensation devices to optimise performance
  • Zero-leakage plugging on spiral-welded pipes, straight-slot pipes and seamless pipes


Pipeline plugging isolates specific pipeline sections to perform maintenance, repairs, or modifications without a complete shutdown.

This technique is employed in industries reliant on continuous pressure fluids supply piping systems, allowing operators to strategically place plugs or barriers to control the flow and work on isolated segments.

It minimises downtime, production losses, and costs while ensuring uninterrupted operation of the pipeline.


Cold tapping, also known as line stopping or pipe tapping, is a technique used in piping systems to create a new branch connection without interrupting the flow of the existing pipeline. This method is commonly used in oil and gas, water treatment, and chemical processing industries.

During a cold tapping, a specialised machine drills into the existing pipe under pressure. This allows for installing valves, fittings, or other connections without shutting down the entire system. The process involves cutting a hole into the pipe wall and inserting a fitting as the new branch connection.

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