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PE Gas Twin Plugging Machine

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The PE Gas Twin Plugging Machine is a robust and reliable solution designed to withstand harsh environments. Its engineering guarantees secure Polyethylene Pipes (PE) connections, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

This machine accommodates various pipe sizes and SDRs commonly used in a wide range of PE gas distribution systems with its high-quality pipe fittings. The pressure-balanced design ensures accurate pressure gauge readings for effective system monitoring.

One notable feature of our PE Gas Twin Plugging Machine is its ability to handle branch connections easily while achieving zero leakage.

Its durable construction and advanced engineering ensure it can perform safely despite external factors (such as vibrations and extreme operating temperatures) and demanding conditions.

The PE Gas Twin Plugging Machine’s Bar Locking feature also provides added security during operation. This feature prevents accidental disconnection or tampering, giving operators peace of mind knowing that their equipment remains securely in place.

With its innovative technology and connection design, Laminar’s Plugging System allows the quick and safe performance of hot tapping, plugging, and branching on polyethylene (PE) pipelines. 

Our machine is game-changing for plastic pipe systems, revolutionizes hot tapping, plugging and branching on polyethylene (PE) pipelines like never before. With its innovative gas-free connection design, you can now perform these tasks safely and faster than ever, outperforming other isolation technologies.

Here’s what makes it stand out:

✅ Lightweight, compact and simple to use.

✅ Requires significantly less excavation space.

✅ Two-stroke designed tapping machine increases the overall speed of the tapping procedure.

✅ Pressure-balanced machines eliminate resistance during operation.

✅ Bar locking feature enhances safety.



 0 – 6 bar


90mm till 400mm




Gas network


  • From 110mm (4”) to 400mm (16”)
  • 50mm (2”) bypass capable.
  • For SDR11 and SDR17
  • Manual hot tapping machine with 3mm/round feeding capacity.
  • Pressure-balanced machines eliminate resistance during operation.
  • Special design sealing element to ensure longer service time and zero leakage
  • The cutter is designed to capture shavings, creating a clean plugging service inside the pipe.
  • Compact and lightweight sandwich (plugging) valve
  • Ideal for natural and town gas mains and service
  • Common applications include tapping, plugging, bypassing and branch connections on polyethylene (PE) pipes.
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