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System 3 Large Diameter BagTubes

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Bond & Bolt Flowstopping

The 24” to 36” bag tube can be used with the Bond & Bolt saddle to conduct flow-stopping operations. This combination can hugely reduce excavation time and labour costs, ensuring minimal public disruption and a safe working environment for the operators. 

Large Diameter PE Flowstopping

The large diameter Bagtube system offers an alternative to squeeze-off on polyethylene (PE) mains. For PE mains, the electro-fused branch saddle allows insertion of the bag, and it can be permanently plugged to remove the entry valve after the operation.

Flowstopping Bags

The E20A semi-supported bag provides a gas-free secondary seal for a large diameter flowstopping system. The bag has a bladder construction conforming to GIS/E20 specifications.

The product features a high-tenacity unproofed nylon cover over a triple-layer calendared dry natural rubber sheet. The bag incorporates an extended neck and a backbone, which enhance protection and eliminate the risk of a ‘twisted bladder’.


The large-diameter bag tubes provide a safe and effective flow-stopping 14” to 48” diameter gas mains.

The System-3 platform can also insert or extract plugs, deploy gas bags, and launch cameras.

One person can easily handle the lightweight, compact machine made of modular aluminium components without lifting equipment, even in deep trenches.

This flowstopping system has been designed for multi-functional applications. 

  • Large diameter metallic flow stopping 14”-24”.
  • PE flow stopping 350mm – 630mm.

Large-diameter bag tubes are a safe, easy-to-use, fast and cost-effective flow-stopping system for maintaining, repairing and modifying distribution networks while preserving supply continuity. The entire procedure is gas-free and carried out through an arrangement of valves.

Laminar supplies the complete package, including drilling machines, plug insertion equipment, and flow-stopping bag tubes and bags. The aluminium construction reduces weight and makes the flow stopping equipment easily transported and positioned onto the gas main.

System Parameters

  • 14” to 48” diameter mains
  • Maximum operating pressures dependent on the main size 
  • Ideal for use with the ALH Bond & Bolt saddle system
  • Flow rate up to 5 meters per second
  • Lightweight aluminium construction
  • Strong bags for additional safety (GIS/E20)

System 3 Drill & Tap (Pneumatic)

System 3 has a two-stage air motor for high-speed drilling and low-speed tapping.

Drill and Tapping

  • Pneumatic motor
  • Two-speed, high-speed drilling and low-speed tapping (340Nm torque)
  • 3”-6” (BSP Thread)
  • 3”-5” (NPT Thread)

System 3 Drilling Machine (Hydraulic)

System 3 drilling machine with hydraulic power pack offers total gas-free drilling in live mains operating at up to 2 bar (30psi). The drilling machine is fitted with a hydraulic unit, allowing smooth & safe drilling operation; hole sizes vary from 2 ½” to 6”.


  • Total gas-free working in live mains
  • Operating at up to 2bar (30psi)
  • Smooth and safe drilling
  • 2½” to 6″ holes
service assembly

System 3 Service Valve Assembly

System 3 valve assembly is designed for 2bar (30psi) working on 10″ to 48″ live gas mains.


  • Stainless steel gate for quality seal and durability 
  • Aluminum saddles with vulcanized rubber seal for platform stability
  • Double chains for higher security
  • Low profile
  • Larger throat

System 3 Valve Equipment

  • Valve
  • Canopy
  • Saddle 10″ to 48″
  • Chain Hangers
  • Chains
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