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How Bond & Bolt Saddle Works

The system applies an adhesive to the shot-blasted main before seating the saddle in place. Four holes are then drilled & tapped under gas-free conditions before bolts are installed and encapsulated with Series 6 resin.

How Bonded Saddle Works

The system applies an adhesive to the shot-blasted main before seating the saddle in place. Then, the saddle can be seated & left to dry. Add Series 6 resin to achieve additional sealing.


Laminar presents innovative saddles in two distinct designs: Bonded Saddle and Bond & Bolt Saddle. These saddles present a cost-effective solution to expedite access to live large-diameter gas mains.

Conventional access systems necessitate extensive excavations, including beneath the pipe, to install clamps or chains. By contrast, the Bonded Saddle and Bond & Bolt Saddle only require the main crown to be exposed, significantly reducing excavation expenses and time.

You can use the new bonded saddles to establish new connections to existing mains quickly and cost-effectively. This system allows for uncovering only the crown of the main to establish the connection.

Valve modification work can utilise bonded saddles with pressure points.

Key Features: 
  • No need for deep excavation working. Bonded saddle and Bond & Bolt saddle only require the crown of the main to be exposed.
  • Vast excavation and backfill cost savings, with the potential for a decrease in line disruption/road closures.
  • There is no impact on the host’s main support.
  • Potential reduction in 3rd party damage.
  • Saddles for 24″ – 48″ diameter mains.
  • Designed to work with the System 3 valve and flowstopping equipment.
  • Centre hole can be plugged using a Non-Tap Plug.
Bond Bolt Kit saddle

Bond & Bolt Drilling Machine

The Bond & Bolt drilling machine features an integral feed cap and bronze body for a smooth and controlled drilling operation. The system is central around a 1.5” ball valve for gas-free working, with interchangeable bodies for each procedure step. 

Laminar offers full training to clients with existing equipment and when new equipment is purchased.

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