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Laminar’s under-pressure drill and tap machines have been utilised globally for over three decades. These machines are single-spindle, hand-operated drilling and tapping machines designed to withstand up to 20 bar pressures. The machines boast a robust construction and are incredibly user-friendly. They are suitable for use on Ductile Iron and cast Iron pipes and can be used with a universal undercarriage to drill and tap Steel, Asbestos Cement, and PVC pipes.

The machine comes in a sturdy, coated steel lockable toolbox. The drilling machine can be operated manually or supplied with an air ratchet. Air-powered drilling and tapping provide a practical and efficient solution.


Pressure Nominal Rating

  • For gas: up to 30 psi (2 bar) operating pressure
  • For water: up to 20 bar

Key Features & Benefits

  • Drilling & Tapping Machine 1/2” – 2” (BSP or NPT threads)
  • Approved to BGC/PS/ E1 
  • For mains, pressure up to 20 bar. 
  • Drills Steel, Cast and ductile Iron and PE Pipes. 
  • Inserts Tees, Plugs, etc. 
  • Can be used on Mains diameters up to DN1200 (48”). 
  • Uses Pass Holesaw Cutters and Taps. 
  • Can be used with High-Speed Solid and Cup Drill Taps. 
  • Compact design
  • Greatly reducing service costs due to the longevity of the valve gate sealing mechanism. 
  • Power Drive option 
  • Anti-Torque Arm available for Power Drive Option
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