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High-pressure hot tap machines are a steadfast, reliable method for crafting branch connections within operating pipelines. Their robust construction, capable of withstanding extreme pressures and temperatures, cements their status as indispensable tools across various industrial applications. They uphold efficiency and productivity, where continuity is essential.

Our tapping machines are versatile. New branch connections can be established within live pipelines, accommodating a wide spectrum of pipeline diameters, materials, and working pressures. This applies irrespective of location and positioning demands.

Cutting-edge features are integrated within the LAM range, including high-quality sealing configurations that ensure safe tapping operations across diverse pipeline materials and mediums. Notably, a positive retention pilot drill system secures and facilitates the recovery of the pipeline coupon with robust reliability.

As a standard practice, all our LAM machines undergo rigorous field testing in harsh operational environments and offer seamless compatibility with industry-standard tapping equipment, including deploying and retrieving completion plugs.

For the most demanding hot tap applications and pipeline plugging, Laminar’s collection of high-pressure hot tapping machines stands as the ideal solution.



Common Applications

High pressure hot tap machines have become indispensable in various industries due to their versatility and efficiency. These machines find common applications in different types of pipelines, particularly when dealing with larger pipeline systems or branch pipelines.

Making pipelines and branches for tie-in or isolation (plugging) intervention

High-pressure hot tap machines serve a fundamental role in establishing branch connections on existing parent pipelines. This application enables the expansion or modification of pipeline networks without fluid flow interruptions or system shutdowns. The utilisation of high-pressure hot tap machines empowers operators to seamlessly and securely establish new connections while preserving the integrity of the parent pipeline.

Setting completion plugs

High-pressure hot tap machines also find significant utility in installing and removing completion plugs. These plugs are pivotal in sealing off specific pipeline sections during construction, maintenance, or repair operations. Leveraging high-pressure hot tap machines, operators can expertly insert or extract these critical plugs under challenging pressure conditions, ensuring precision and accuracy in their tasks.

Key Features

1. Designed For Harsh Environments

Crafted with the utmost care for worker safety in the harshest environments, our tapping machines boast a smart design that champions protection.

2. Pressure Balance System with Compensation Cylinders

At the heart of this design is a cutting-edge pressure balance system, bolstered by compensation cylinders. These components expertly balance pipeline pressure, effectively reducing stress on the internal parts of the machine. This precise engineering ensures the integrity of the tapping machine, guaranteeing smooth and secure operations in challenging conditions.

3. Automatic Controls

Our tapping machines come equipped with state-of-the-art automated controls, streamlining and enhancing the operational process for ultimate convenience and precision.

4. Skid for Safe Storage and Handling

For an added layer of safety and user-friendliness, we offer the option of a skid. This skid provides a reliable solution for safely storing and handling the machine, making it even more

Product Specifications


LAM1000 Hot Tapping Machines

  • 4” through 80” (DN100 to DN2000) taps
  • Maximum working pressure: 100 bar (10.0Mpa)
  • Adjustable feed rate: 0 to 1.5mm per revolution
  • Available with hydraulic and Laminar’s power unit

LAM500 Hot Tapping Machines

  • 14” through 32” (DN350 to DN800) taps
  • Maximum working pressure: 100 bar (10.0Mpa)
  • Adjustable feed rate: 0 to 4mm per revolution
  • Available with hydraulic and Laminar’s power unit

LAM300 Hot Tapping Machines

  • 8” through 16” (DN200 to DN400) taps
  • Maximum working pressure: 100 bar (10.0Mpa)
  • Adjustable feed rate: 0 to 3mm per revolution
  • Available with hydraulic and Laminar’s power unit
high pressure

LAM150 Hot Tapping Machines

  • 4” through 10” (DN100 to DN250) taps
  • Maximum working pressure: 100 bar (10.0Mpa)
  • Adjustable feed rate: 0 to 3mm per revolution
  • Available with hydraulic and Laminar’s power unit


In industrial settings where interruption of gas flow is not needed, high-pressure hot tap machines emerge as indispensable assets. These machines are pivotal in enabling branch connections within an operational pipeline, all without costly and time-consuming interruptions in the gas flow.

Hot tapping, sometimes called pressure tapping, is a precise process of creating an opening in a pressurised pipeline. This task demands specialised equipment, including high-pressure hot tap machines. We engineer these machines to withstand high pressures and temperatures to ensure operational efficiency and safety.

One crucial component within a high-pressure hot tap machine is the pilot drill. This precision tool is instrumental in creating a small aperture in the pipeline’s wall, allowing for the insertion of the tapping device. The machine, powered hydraulically, progressively increases pressure to penetrate the pipe wall with accuracy and control.

The applications for high-pressure hot tap machines are multifarious. These machines ensure uninterrupted operations in oil and gas, water utilities, and chemical plants.

By establishing branch connections while the gas flow remains unimpeded, high-pressure hot tap machines are a cost-effective solution for expanding pipeline networks or executing essential maintenance tasks. After welding the fitting, an external ball or gate valve can be installed.


The maximum pressure a hot tap can handle in any pipeline operation is paramount.

Hot tapping machines are meticulously designed to thrive in the most demanding conditions. They empower operators to access pressurised systems without jeopardising the pipes’ integrity or safety.

Thanks to their robust construction, our tapping machines can endure pressures of up to 100 bar (10.0 MPa).


The maximum pressure for a hot tap varies and depends on several crucial factors. These include the specific hot tap machine utilized, the size and material of the pipe being tapped, the fluid’s temperature within the pipe, and the expertise and qualifications of the hot tapping contractor.

Generally, the maximum pressure for a typical hot tap operation hovers around 1,000 psi (70 bar). However, specialized hot tap machines and procedures become necessary for applications requiring higher pressures.

It’s essential to recognize that hot tap operations have inherent hazards, so only experienced and qualified contractors should be entrusted with them.


Hot tapping and line stopping represent distinct procedures, each serving a specific role in managing pressurised pipelines. Hot tapping is primarily designed to facilitate branch connections or alterations within an operational pipeline. Conversely, the line stopping procedure involves the blocking or sealing a pressurised pipeline’s flow.

Hot tapping is a meticulous process requiring specialised equipment and skilled personnel to ensure precise execution. In contrast, line stopping can be executed with essential tools such as blind flanges and stuffing boxes. Typically, line stopping comes into play during pressurised pipeline maintenance or when there’s a temporary requirement to control or halt the pipeline’s flow.

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