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Group 1 1
Group 1 1
  • Excellent impact and indentation resistance 
  • High resistance to ageing, even when exposed to maximum or minimum temperature for extended periods of time 
  • Suitable for continuous use at high service temperatures 
  • Available with UV-resistant 
  • Good adhesion
  • Cold applied
  • Conformable to irregular structures
  • Resistant to aggressive chemicals
  • Fast and easy field application. 
  • Resists impacts and indentations which may occur during installation and backfilling. 
  • Superior protection against soil stress


Laminar offers high-performance wrappingband products that are corrosion-preventive and adhere exceptionally well to steel, whether applied in factories or as field pipeline coatings. 

They are self-healing, non-toxic, cold-applied tape coating, and prefabricated wrap coatings. The adhesive is a key in ground performance characteristics coupled with the low- and high-density polyethene backing.

Laminar offers Visco-elastic tape based on a compound consisting of non-crystalline, low-viscosity, non-crosslinked (fully amorphous), non-reactive polyisobutene.

Our Joint wrap/tape can be applied by hand or with a wrapping machine. Environmentally friendly, suitable for application on newly built pipes and pipe coating rehabilitation.

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