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Laminar paste and casing filler composites are a series of mould-able corrosion preventative pastes and fillers used for filling voids and levelling irregular surfaces and sealing compound sealants used to repair leakages.

Laminar supplies many types of leak-sealing compounds that are suitable for various mediums at temperatures ranging from -180°C to 800°C and pressures ranging from vacuum to 350 bar/5000psi. 

Medium range: Alkali, Acid, Benzene & Derivatives, Aldehyde, Alcohol, Ketone, Ester & Derivatives, steam, chemical, hydrocarbon and gas, crude oil, etc.  

These compound sealants can be used in Petroleum, oil and gas, LNG, Metallurgy, Power plants, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, potable water, chilled and Hot water Supply, etc.

Laminar also offers Injectable sealants that are WRAS approved, meets the DWI standard, and seals live water leaks. Combining the fibres, lubricant, and treated fillers means the sealers we provide you are highly effective and long-lasting. The compound is injected live into the gap of the gland packing, flange joint, valve bonnet, clamp or enclosure, where the joint has failed without the need for any shut down. 

Injectable leak sealing materials, including Polytetrafluoroethylene, offer a wide range of advantages. These are as follows:-

  • It enables you to run a leak-free mains line.
  • PTFE is easy to install, mainly when you use a professional, meaning it is quick and easy to use for difficult to reach areas.
  • It provides you with a longer equipment lifespan.
  • It also minimises the risk of needing to take any off line repairs and minimise downtime.

Injectable sealant such as PTFE can be used to seal any water leaks on – fittings, valve bonnets and flange joints– live with no shutdown required and is an ideal material for sealing your pipework. 

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