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A series of PVC, polyolefin, polyethylene and cross-linked polyethylene wrap tapes are used for mechanical protection of our corrosion-preventative coatings. Our visco-elastic coating consists of new-type high-performance visco-elastic polyolefin materials. 

Visco-elastic tape is a wraparound corrosion protective coating consisting of a modified and reinforced visco-elastic adhesive applied onto a polyethylene carrier film. Visco-elastic Tape can be used for the coating of pipes, risers, flanges, manholes, valves, offshore, underwater coating of risers, coating of welded sockets, repair of all type of coatings, sealing of pipe and cable conduits, sealing of tank chimes, sealing of pipe casings.

Visco-elastic tape combines the characteristics of both solid and liquid adhesive materials into one solution. The properties of our visco-elastic coating can last more than 30 years under normal conditions.

The visco-elastic coating is used in many fields, from onshore pipelines to subsea piles, from rail to cable joint protection. Highly suitable for irregularly shaped objects, such as Tee joints, flanges, and valves corrosion protection.

Our offered wraps use microcrystalline wax and are thick, with no fillers. This allows them to stay conformed to irregular fittings and provide excellent protection.

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