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Quarter-turn pneumatic actuators allow you to control ball or butterfly valves with compressed air rather than a manual operation. Both ISO/DIN connection points are commonly available to mount a valve directly. They can be double-acting (compressed air controls open and closed) or single-acting with a spring open or close. 

Connect an air hose to the connection points on the side or mount a solenoid valve directly onto the actuator. The compressed air pressure correlates to the actuator torque, so a range of torques is available for one actuator. Pneumatic actuators are fast and reliable, allowing you to automate an existing manual process. 

Pneumatic actuators are available for outdoor installation. Laminar actuators provide corrosion-resistant components and leak-tight of outside elements. 

Limit switch packages for valve position indication are available upon request.

  • Various styles are available upon request
  • Torque from 81 – 23,797 Lbs.
  • Double acting (20-120PSI)
  • Spring return (30-120PSI)
  • 40C – +80C – NAMUR, ISO Interface


Pneumatic Actuators represent a significant part of our automation service. Applications that require continuous motion or modulating use prefer pneumatic actuators over electric actuators.

They offer easy installation and maintenance and an initial cost advantage compared to their electric counterparts. With specifications tailored for various industries and applications from stock, make LAMINAR your first choice for all Pneumatic Actuation services.

Many industries widely use air-actuated valves because of their fast-acting, robust, and reliable construction. Moreover, air-actuated valves are typically less expensive than electrically actuated valves.

A wide range of solenoid valves, limit switch boxes, and positioners are available for precise control, monitoring and feedback air actuators. Additionally, we provide air volume boosters, air filter regulators, and lock-up valves.

Our pneumatic actuators are engineered to operate ball, butterfly, plug and other quarter-turn valves for either on/off or modulating service. Available in either double-acting or spring-return configurations to suit your specific requirements. 

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