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The EV Fire Blanket is an effective and efficient solution to address vehicular fires, particularly those involving electric cars. We offer multiple reusable or single-use car fire blankets engineered to halt any car fire.

Our fire blankets can stop an Internal Combustion Engine vehicle fire and prevent it from spreading within 30 minutes of deployment, including electric vehicle fires. Our blanket can withstand temperatures up to 1300°C, making it a reliable solution for any car fire. 

Our fire blankets are available in standard sizes of 6x8m and 7x10m. The 6x8m blanket weighs 35kg per unit. Our EV Fire Blanket is also suitable for Lithium-ion battery-operated Personal Mobility Aids (PMA) and any Li-ion battery-operated scooter or bike. 

The Fire Blankets can endure extremely high temperatures of up to 1300°C for a prolonged period and are sturdy enough to provide protection against potential debris expelled during a Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery thermal runaway event. These attributes make our PMA Lithium-ion battery fire blankets an essential component of your passive fire protection strategy. 

Our Car Fire Blanket is the quickest and most effective way to extinguish car fires, with a particular emphasis on suppressing electric car fires. Laminar provides a dependable and affordable solution to tackle vehicular fires. We engineer our fire blankets to offer maximum protection and safety to our customers.

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