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LAMINAR supplies various types of actuators, such as electric, hydraulic and pneumatic actuators. We can offer a wide range of actuators with the necessary accessories to accommodate most applications. We take pride in our comprehensive valve actuation services, which include site and in-house assembly and commissioning.

We offer a large range of actuators for control valves and isolation valves from a wide range of reliable manufacturers to suit all valve requirements for both new and existing valves. We also provide complete actuator sizing services to ensure that all operational heads and differential pressures are calculated.


Electric actuators, powered by an electric motor, offer many benefits and applications. They provide complete solutions for diverse environmental conditions, from precise control to handling heavy loads.

One of the key advantages of electric actuators is their ability to deliver accurate and repeatable linear movement. They offer precise control over positioning and speed. This makes them an ideal solution for applications requiring high accuracy and reliability levels.

Electric actuators are powerful devices that can easily handle heavy loads. They are indispensable in manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, and many more industries.

Electric actuators come in various types to suit different requirements – from rotary to linear motion – ensuring compatibility with a wide range of applications. Whether controlling valves in a chemical plant or adjusting positions in a solar panel system, electrical actuators provide efficient solutions across industries.

Electric actuators can withstand harsh environmental conditions. They operate reliably even in extreme temperatures or corrosive environments.

Laminar’s electric actuators come in both quarter-turn and multi-turn types. Whether you seek a cost-effective solution or integrated smart controls, we have customised designs in compact housing designs or actuator and gearbox combinations for higher torques.

Our high-quality actuator options have torque outputs ranging from 10Nm to in excess of 600,000Nm. They suit standard areas, ATEX zones and hazardous environments. They are designed for various functions, including on/off, modulating / positioning and failsafe (spring return and battery backup).

Many of our electric actuators now feature built-in intelligent operating control systems and offer non-intrusive bluetooth integration. This allows operators to connect, control, and monitor the actuator via a smartphone or tablet.


An electric actuator is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical motion. Many industries and applications utilise it for precise control and automation.

Electric actuators are designed to replace traditional manual or pneumatic actuators, offering numerous advantages such as increased efficiency, accuracy, and reliability. They are widely used in manufacturing, robotics, aerospace, automotive, and many more sectors.

These actuators utilise an electric motor to drive the motion of a mechanism or system. They can be controlled electronically through signals from sensors or programmable logic controllers (PLCs), allowing for precise positioning and movement control.

The use cases of electric actuators are vast and diverse. They are in industrial machinery for valve control, conveyor systems for material handling, robotic arms for assembly lines, and even home automation systems for opening and closing doors or windows.

Advantages of an electric actuator:

  • Precise control and automation
  • Consumes less energy and reduces overall operating costs (making them environmentally friendly and cost-effective in the long run)
  • Reliable and durable. It has a longer lifespan than traditional actuation systems due to fewer moving parts and reduced maintenance requirements. It translates into reduced downtime and increased operational efficiency.
  • Flexibility in installation options. It can easily integrate into existing setups without major modifications or disruptions.
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