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The Laminar Ark H3-X is a breakthrough robotic buoy designed to save lives in adverse water conditions. This self-powered electric water rescue device has a remote controller that enables professionals and first responders worldwide to rescue individuals while keeping the rescue team and vessel safe.

The Ark is a lightweight rescue float the operator can throw from the shore, boat, or helicopter. Using the remote control, the operator can navigate the buoy to the drowning person with a maximum speed of 28km/h with no load. Once the buoy reaches the victim, it would grasp the handles on both sides of the middle beam, wait for the operator to navigate it, and carry the victim back into safety.

One of the most impressive features of the Ark is its ability to rescue up to two to three persons simultaneously without a floating rope or any manual effort. This powerful device is fast, simple, and reliable in any ocean and freshwater environment. It is an innovative technology for the next generation of lifesaving that surpasses traditional foam buoys.

The next generation of lifesaving.

Technical Specifications

No Load Speed

14 – 18 km/h



GPS Accuracy


Loaded Speed


Charging Time


Remote Control Range


Floatability (Load Capacity)


Product Weight



103 × 63 × 20cm

Deploy Time

Both the Ark device and remote control take only a maximum of 5 seconds to start.


  • Excellent Stability: Mature production process. Stable and reliable performance. Premium quality.
  • A-Structure Design: Patented A-letter design, which gives a more stable centre of gravity, allowing for easier gripping, hauling and transfer of goods and personnel.
  • High Speed: Running on the water at a speed of 14-18km/h, much faster than a skilled swimmer, dramatically shortens the rescue minute and increases the chances of success for rescue operations.
  • Powerful Propulsion: Designed with a high-power water jet thruster with powerful propulsion to ensure that it can run upstream in swift water. It can work even in levels 4 to 5 of wind and wave resistance.
  • Can Run When Upside Down: The upper and down sides are fully symmetrical. It allows throwing from great heights. When flipped over by waves, it still runs as usual and does not require any adjustment of operations.
  • Powerful Buoyancy: It has a payload of up to 200kg, providing buoyancy for 3-4 people.
  • Intelligent: It will return automatically to the launching point upon losing contact or signal.
  • Protected Propellers: The metal shell that wraps around the propellers of the Ark protects the user(s) from injury. This feature helps prevent entanglement with water plants or debris in dirty areas.


A remote-controlled lifebuoy works with a remote control device that allows for easy maneuverability and control from an effective control distance. Rescuers can guide the lifebuoy to where it is needed most without swimming or navigating through treacherous waters physically.

The controller relies on a lithium battery, ensuring that it has enough energy to operate efficiently and effectively during rescue missions. Lithium batteries also provide longer battery life than traditional ones, allowing for extended usage and increased chances of successful rescues.

While regular buoys serve their purpose by providing flotation support, they cannot be directed towards specific locations or individuals in need. With a remote-controlled lifebuoy, rescuers have complete control over their movements, enabling them to reach victims faster and more accurately.

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