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Automatic Self-Closing Flood Barriers

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Unique Product Features:

  • No energy required – operates even in a power outage
  • No manpower needed – automatically deployed
  • No storage required – in resting position, the SCFB is invisible and fully self-protected below ground
  • Short closing time – and only deploys in the event of a flood
  • Low operational cost – high quality elements; simple inspection


A unique, automatic flood protection system

The Self-Closing Flood Barrier is a passive flood defence system highly suitable for fast-onset flooding when there is little time to deploy manual measures.

The system uses a simple but innovative concept of using the approaching floodwater to automatically elevate the barrier and effectively employ the problem to create the solution.

The barrier can be built to any required length and is set within a PE-HD, concrete, steel or stainless steel basin. We can advise the best solution for the specific location depending on the required length and location.

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