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Flood Solutions

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Demountable Flood Barriers

Laminar supplies & installs a high-quality flood barrier system. All features of our system are additional.
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Box Barriers

A simple modular system, which becomes more stable with higher water pressure. The barrier is very light and easy to deploy.
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Automatic Hydraulic Barriers

The Automatic Hydraulic Flood Barrier is a passive flood defence measure highly suitable for rapid onset flooding.
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Automatic Self-Closing Flood Barriers

The Self-Closing Flood Barrier is a passive flood defence system highly suitable for fast-onset flooding when there.
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Inflatable Flood Barriers

Inflatable flood barriers, also known as flood control tubes or inflatable dams, consist of long tubes ranging from 10 to 200 meters in length
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Water Travelling Screen

Automatic self-cleaning water traveling screens are designed for hydropower operators, water utilities, and industrial applications.
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Remote-Controlled Lifebuoy

The Laminar Ark H3-X is a breakthrough robotic buoy designed to save lives in adverse water conditions.
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