Fire BLankets

Car Blankets

Car Fire blanket – quickest and most effective way to extinguish a car fire!
Our Padtex multiple / reusable or single time use car fire blankets are engineered to stop any car fire, but with a special emphasis for suppressing electric car fires.
Padtex know-how, technical knowledge and manufacturing capabilities allow it to make any size of the car fire blanket needed.
Our Fire Blanket is able to contain an Internal Combustion Engine vehicle fire from spreading within 30 minutes upon deployment of the Fire Blanket, including that from an electrical vehicle fire.
Capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 1300°C.
Standard sizes are 6x8m and 7x10m.
Our 6x8m blanket is 28-29kg per unit.
KIWA approved.

PMA Blankets

Laminar is in collaboration with Padtex, who have developed a specialist range of fire blankets specifically for the Lithium-ion battery operated Personal Mobility Aids (PMA) used by elderlies as well as any Li-ion battery operated scooter or bike.
Our Fire Blankets are capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures of up to 1300°C for a prolonged period of time as well as being robust enough to provide protection against potential debris expelled during a Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery thermal runaway event.
These qualities make our PMA Lithium-ion battery fire blankets an important element of your passive fire protection strategy.
Standard sizes are 3x3m

Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation is the inhibition of heat transfer between objects or materials in thermal contact or in range of radiative influence.

Glass fibre textile joints are used for connection in vibrating machines and devices. They are elastic and they assure heat and pressure resistance. Furthermore our insulation jackets enhance acoustic insulation features. Our insulation sheets can be used also in food industry fields for jacketing.

Insulation is the various ways to prevent or reduce the transfer of thermal heat, vibrations, and noise in and around the vessel or offshore rig. We are following the recent advancements in material science and in our production of insulation. Our factory uses fiberglass-based materials in insulation and much more. Modern and advanced materials offer higher quality insulation properties while at the same time promoting better weight performance. All materials used in our production are designed to meet the rules and regulations set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Thermal insulation and acoustic products produced combining thermal insulation properties of aluminium foil and glass fibre, which in turn increase thermal and acoustic insulation in the material. Thus achieving a heat reflecting coefficient up to 95%. Glass fibre textile joints are used widely for connecting vibrating equipment. They are elastic and tend to resist heat and pressure, which helps gaining acoustic insulation features. Since 2003, Padtex Insulation has been supplying most high-profile gas and steam turbine producers, creating hi-tech solutions within the thermal and acoustic industry.
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