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The leading supplier of valves, pipeline equipment and flood control solutions in Singapore.

Valves & Penstocks

Laminar designs, manufactures and supply high-quality control, shut off and penstock valves.


Laminar supplies cutting-edge pipeline equipment to keep your pipe networks operational.


We provide and install an extensive selection of flood solutions for the protection of critical assets.

Flow Control Solutions

Solutions That

Meet Safety Standards.

Laminar specialises in delivering comprehensive flow control valves, pipelines, and flood solutions to various industries in Singapore, Southeast Asia, and beyond.

We are an established supplier in Singapore that offers an extensive range of valve and actuator sales and services for precisely controlling liquids, gases, and solids.

Laminar proudly holds the esteemed BizSafe4 certification and is dedicated to upholding the highest international standards.

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Keeping The Flow Path of Your Pipe Networks Smooth

Serving A Wide Range of Industries & Applications

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Valves for flow control

Valves & Penstocks

Achieve undisrupted and constant flow rates. We carry most of the types of flow control and shut-off valves, including ball valves, butterfly valves, check valves, and more.

pipeline equipment

Pipes & Fittings

A comprehensive range of pipes solutions, fittings and actuators to regulate fluid flow. Designed for maximum safety, utility, and ease of installation with minimal disruption.

Flow Control Solutions

Flood Barriers

Laminar serves as the official distribution partner for Lakeside Flood Solutions, ensuring the highest standard of flood protection products and installation services.

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Pipe Intervention

We provide our own self-manufactured hot tapping machine. We also facilitate smooth repairs and modifications to pressurised pipelines without shutdowns.

Composite Repair

Composite Repair

Our service uses wrapping bands, paste, and filler for reinforcement, topped with mechanical protection, to robustly restore and extend the life of pipes and any structure.

Services scaled


Experience quality of service that exceeds customer expectations. Ideal solutions with high-quality services in hot tapping, line stopping and on-stream leak repair.

Industries We Serve

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Oil & Gas

Extend the lifespan of your assets, enhance productivity, mitigate risks within your plant and quickly repair damaged components. We deliver solutions for the harsh environments of the oil and gas industry.


Comprehensive engineering solutions for seamless product flow and performance assurance for pipelines. Featuring advanced pipe inspection, integrity assessment and intervention equipment.
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Water & Waste Water

Delivering innovative solutions for the water and wastewater sector, optimizing efficiency, sustainability, and clean water delivery while prioritizing customer satisfaction and excellence.
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Tailored engineering products and efficient pipe repair solutions designed for the manufacturing sector, ensuring continuous and smooth production processes.
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Products and solutions engineered to withstand the rigors of the marine environment, ensuring durability and reliability for maritime operations.


Crafting robust flood protection solutions tailored for the construction industry, ensuring resilience and safeguarding against flood-related risks.
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Renewable Energy

Laminar is a key partner in the renewable energy sector, providing innovative engineering products and services tailored to meet industry needs.
Busy Airport


Focusing on precision engineering and supply of aerospace components, ensuring high-performance and reliability for the aerospace sector.
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Engineering products and pipe solutions customized for the power generation industry, ensuring uninterrupted operation and peak performance of power assets.

Innovative Products Spotlight

Gas In Pipe Camera System 1
Plugging Machine
Gas In Pipe Camera System 2

Remote Controlled Lifebuoy

Gas In Pipe Camera System

Hot Tapping Machines

Gas In Pipe Camera System 3

Gas In-Pipe Camera System

Looking to increase the lifespan of your assets, improve productivity and minimise the risks involved effectively?

Let us help you choose the perfect flow control solution and more. Speak to us today.

Why Choose Laminar

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Highly Responsive

Our team prioritises rapid response times and effective communication to address your needs quickly—partner with us for a reliable ally dedicated to your success.

Competitive Prices

We offer flow control valves and pipeline solutions that meet industry standards like DIN, JIS, and ANSI.

Our in-house certification ensures quality, and our partnerships with global manufacturers allow us to provide affordable premium components.

Local Support

We ensure outstanding customer service by providing tailored local support and training to optimise your operations and prevent potential damage to equipment.

Our services include troubleshooting, site surveys, equipment supply, and commissioning.

Customised Solutions

Every business is unique. As one of the most comprehensive suppliers, we are committed to providing unmatched personalised, cost-effective solutions.

Our experts collaborate with you to design and deliver solutions that perfectly match your requirements.

Unrivalled Expertise

With over 20 years of experience in water, wastewater, industrial, gas, marine, and other industries, we understand the unique demands of pipeline systems and engineering.

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